BUNN Parts SH Server and Stands

SH Server and Stands

SH Server and Stands
SH Server and Stands


Water Filter
Part no: 311337
Manufacturer: Bunn O Matic
Fits on Models: 39000.0001, 39000.0004, 1 GPR-FF, 1.5 GPR, 1.5 GPR-FF, 1GPR, 1SH Stand, 2SH Stand, AXIOM, AXIOM 0#6 Twin, AXIOM 4#2 Twin, AXIOM Twin APS, AXIOM-APS, AXIOM-DV-3, AXIOMP-3-DV, Baseless TF Server, BUNN, CDBCF, CDBCF TWIN APS, CDBCFA, CDBCFDB, CWA-APS, CWA-TC, CWTF, CWTF Twin APS, CWTFA35-APS, CWTFA-APS, CWTF-APS, CWTFA-TC, CWTFB-TC, CWTF-TC, CWTF-TS, Dual, Dual SH DBC, DUAL TF DBC, DUAL-SH, Economy Thermal Carafe, EQ-17, EQHP-10, EQHP-10L, EQHP-25, EQHP-25L, EQHP-35L, EQHP-54, EQHP-54L, EQHP-ESP, EQHP-SFTN, EQHP-Tea, EQHP-TWIN108SP, EQHP-TWIN70L, FMD-1, FMD-1 BLK, FMD-1 BLK PC, FMD-1A BLK, FMD-2, FMD-2 BLK, FMD-2A BLK, FMD-3, FMD-3 DBC, FMD-4, FMD-5, G9-2T DBC, H10X, H5E, H5E-15-120, H5E-40-208, H5E-40-240, H5EA, H5M-18-120, H5MA, H5X, H5X-18-120, H5X-40-208, H5X-40-240, H5X-60-208, H5X-60-240, H5XA, iCB, ICB TWIN, ICBA, ICBA-TWIN, ICBB, ICB-Black, ICB-Tall, ICB-TWIN-Black, ICB-TWIN-Tall, iMIX-14, IMIX-3, iMIX-3 BLK, iMIX-3 PC, iMIX-3 PC BLK, iMIX-3 SST, iMIX-3A, iMIX-3A BLK, iMIX-3B, iMIX-3B BLK, iMIX-3S, iMIX-3S Oatmeal, iMIX-3S+, IMIX-4, iMIX-4 BLK, iMIX-4 PC, iMIX-4A, iMIX-4A BLK, IMIX-5, iMIX-5 BLK, IMIX-5S, iMIX-5S+, ITCB-TWIN HV, JDF-2, JDF-2A, JDF-2S, JDF-2S LD, JDF-2S PC LD, JDF-2SA, JDF-4, JDF-4A, JDF-4S, JDF-4S LD, JDF-4S PC LD, JDF-4SA, JDF-Lit Door, LCA-2, LCA-2 IC, LCA-2 PC, LCA-2A, LCA-2C, LCA-IC, LCA-PC, LCR-2, LCR-2 PC, LCR-2A, LCR-2A PC, LCR-2C, LCR-PC, Lever-Action Airpot, Push-Botton Airpot, RWSI, Scale-Pro, SH, SH Server, SH Server and Stands, Single, Single AXIOM 15, Single AXIOM 35, SINGLE SH, SINGLE SH DBC, SINGLE TF DBC, SRU, SRUA, TF Server, TF Server Stand, Thermal Carafe, Thermal Pitcher, Titan Dual, Titan Single, Titan TF Server, Titan-Server, TS Booster, TSR, TSR-1, TSR-2, U3, U38
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